Travel planning can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be...
I can make it easy for you.

Researching that perfect vacation is a time consuming and often stressful process but there is an option that will allow you to get that perfect vacation that you desire while also getting your personal time back so you can enjoy other things in life while waiting for your travel date to arrive - hiring a Professional Travel Advisor to do the heavy lifting and work for you.

That is exactly what I do for every traveler who puts their trust in me and my personal experience with travel planning and design. When you book a trip online, regardless of how much research and planning you have done, you are still just booking the same old vacation as everyone else who books their own travel. When you have a trained and experienced travel professional research and plan your vacation, you are getting the benefit of their personal knowledge, hands-on expertise, travel partner relationships, and many other perks and amenities that you simply will not find anywhere else. Most important though is, when your vacation plans are created and managed by your professional travel advisor, you will have the added protection of support and assistance in the event that something goes wrong or things change that could your plans in jeopardy. You will never have this type of support, protection, or assistance when you book your own travel online and that is a guaranteed fact. Just to clarify, even the big tech guys from Google, Bing, and even the online travel booking sites, use a real travel professional to book their vacations and they do not rely on any information or support from their own business platforms. If that isn't an eye opener then I don't know what would be.

As a professional travel advisor it is my duty to ensure that every traveler who puts their vacation plans and details in my hands, gets the best possible vacation, for the best possible price, and that nothing is left to chance or put at risk. I start by spending some personal time with you and learning everything I can about what inspires your travel desires, what your personal styles and preferences are, and what you are looking for from your vacation experience. Once I have all of that information, I go to work digging into every possible supplier and products that will meet your needs and deliver your wants and must haves, for that perfect vacation that is custom planned just for you; in other words, you will receive a fully customized vacation experience that will deliver everything that you want, need, and desire without all of the stress and hassle of doing it yourself. 

Every type of vacation experience can be customized to meet your style and needs, from cruises, to theme parks, and everything in between, you can make everything personal just for you. It is a huge myth that you can book the same thing online, or yourself, and it is a mistake that is made literally thousands of times per day. Don't become one of the numbers on a statistics board that reflects discontent with travel just because you have been led to believe that you can have your perfect vacation and book it on your own. In case you have doubts about the differences between doing it yourself and having it done for you by a professional, just ask anyone who had their travel cancelled or found themselves stranded abroad during the pandemic and ask them how much support they received when they needed it. I will wait for your response...

You don't have any positive responses from these people because they had nobody there to help them so they had to reach out to us human travel professionals to find ways to get home. We couldn't do anything else for them because their bookings were not supported by us but at least we were able to get them home as quickly and safely as possible and that was crucial during these tough times. Today though these same travelers put their travel plans in the hands of human professional every time because they know how it is when you are on your own, you are truly on your own.

It is my pleasure to help you with creating your perfect vacation and to give you that experience where you find your luxury while relaxing and enjoying the world as it should be seen - through travel and experiential journeys with family, friends, or whomever we invite into our inner circle.

The Glacial Grandeur Of Alaska
Nothing compares to the Glacier viewing experience.

Alaska truly is the "Last Frontier" when it comes to natural beauty and wonder and nowhere else is that more evident than when you are viewing and experiencing the awesomeness of the vast number of glaciers that Alaska is known for. 

Every cruise itinerary, and cruise tour, that I design is guaranteed to give you access to these awesome wonders of nature and to get you up close and personal to them (while maintaining the highest standards of safety of course). From the beauty and wonder of Dawes Glacier to the vast wilderness and abundance of the greatest Glaciers of Glacier Bay National Park to the most stunning setting of the glacial collection of College Fjord and so many more, if glaciers and the experience that they provide is on your bucket list then it is time to empty that bucket and get yourself booked on an Alaska Cruise or Cruise Tour.

I have a very well established relationship with the best suppliers of Alaska Cruises and Cruise Tours to ensure that you receive the best possible experience that has been carefully created and refined over the years by the suppliers that started the Alaska cruise and cruise tour programs. There are many options but I only give my clients the best that there are because the experience can neither be matched nor exceeded by the younger players in the game.

Contact me today about getting started on your next unforgettable adventure, your Alaska Cruise or Cruise Tour vacation.